08 Dec 2021

Did you know that according to the market research platform DentaVox, 61 percent of people suffer from dental fear? Scheduling conflicts can be a large part of this fear and anxiety.

Reputable dental offices know that their patients have busy lives–this is why some offer weekend availability. 

For this reason, we recommend finding a local dentist that offers flexible hours and Saturday availability.  

Read on to learn the top three benefits of finding a Saturday dentist in Boynton Beach! 

Keep Your Lunch Hour

Many working adults are forced to take up their entire lunch break in order to schedule, navigate to, and attend appointments.

By finding a Boynton Beach dentist that has Saturday availability, you’ll get your breaks back and feel less stressed once it’s time for your yearly checkup. This is even more important if you’re considering clear aligners for straight teeth and need to return throughout the year for your next trays. 

Weekend Dental Emergencies

If you’ve ever had a dental emergency, you know that they aren’t beholden to your schedule–especially if you have kids! Dentists that have availability on Saturdays can give you extra peace of mind.

Experiencing pain and discomfort throughout the weekend is a scenario that no one wants to experience. Dentists with Saturday availability understand that dental emergencies can happen anytime and anywhere. 

Stick With Trusted Professionals

One of the most stressful parts about dental offices that don’t have weekend availability is that you may feel forced to find a new dentist in a short amount of time. 

This means that you won’t have time to check online reviews, do a brief consultation, and verify their experience and schooling ahead of time. At a time of emergency, you may experience subpar service. 

For this reason, research dentists in your local area that have weekend availability–even when you think you won’t need it. 

Scheduling Flexibility With a Saturday Dentist in Boynton Beach 

From scheduling flexibility to peace of mind during a weekend dental emergency, the value of a Saturday dentist in Boynton Beach can’t be overstated.

These dentists understand the stress and anxiety their patients go through when it comes to scheduling appointments, and they want to make the process as easy as possible. 

Ready to schedule a Saturday appointment from 8:30 am to 2:00 pm? Request an appointment with us today!