05 Dec 2022

Preparing for oral surgery before the big day can enhance your comfort  and reduce the stress. If you’ve never had surgery, it may seem daunting and a little bit overwhelming. However, we’re here to help make the process simple with these easy to  

Keep reading to learn the top three things you need to do to prepare yourself for oral surgery in Boynton Beach!  

Read Your Pre-Op Instructions 

Your dentist will either provide you with written or verbal instructions prior to your surgery. If verbal, we recommend writing them down so you don’t forget. These instructions may include information on how to prepare for your anesthesia and special instructions to prepare for your specific procedure.  

By reviewing all of these instructions at least 48 hours before the operation, you’ll be able to prepare yourself effectively.  

Secure a Ride 

After your surgery, the anesthesia will make it unsafe for you to drive. With this in mind, make sure you talk to a friend or family member about picking you up after the surgery. 

If you don’t know anyone that’s available to give you a ride home, just let the dentist know–you’ll be able to wait at the dentist’s office until you feel well enough to call a cab or schedule ride sharing service.  

Prepare Your Supplies 

Keep in mind that you often have to fast before your oral surgery appointment. However, you’ll want to prepare supplies for when your procedure is over. Pick up beverages that are hydrating and healthy, such as water, tea, milk, smoothies, or protein drinks.  

You’ll also want to pick up soft foods that are easy to eat, such as soup, bananas, oatmeal, yogurt, and ice cream–everyone needs a treat after surgery!  

Oral Surgery in Boynton Beach: Trust Your Dentists 

It’s normal to feel nervous before oral surgery. However, this doesn’t mean you should hide your nerves from your dentist. Instead, talk to us about any questions you may have as well as your fears. 

We’ll do our best to be clear about what to expect before, during, and after the surgery. We’ll also do everything we can to make you feel as comfortable as possible!  

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