27 Jul 2022

Dental crowns are one of the top options for people dealing with weakened or decaying teeth, but why are they a good option for you, and how do they benefit your teeth?   

Keep reading to learn three of the most common reasons a dental crown in Boynton Beach may be necessary for you!   

Tooth Protection  

One of the top reasons your dentist may recommend a dental crown is because it can help protect your natural teeth. Broken teeth or those experiencing extreme decay are more susceptible to severe pain, leading to a greater chance of increased pain and deterioration over time.   

Crowns help protect and strengthen these teeth so that you can keep your natural teeth and don’t need to worry about them worsening over time.   

Supporting Dental Bridges  

Dental bridges are an excellent option for people who are missing teeth. A dental bridge will always consist of at least one crown so that it can strengthen the natural tooth it’s anchored to. Then, in the center, a prosthetic tooth fills the empty socket where your tooth is missing.   

Crowns enable the dental bridges to last for your years without issue.   


Lastly, crowns may be great options if you have a misshapen or discolored tooth that makes you feel self-conscious. Crowns are often recommended for these teeth if they must be strengthened. However, there are also a variety of other cosmetic options you can choose, such as teeth whitening, veneers, and other cosmetic options.   

Consider a Dental Crown in Boynton Beach Today  

Dental crowns can significantly strengthen your natural teeth so they don’t decay further and cause you pain. They’re also a great way to save your natural teeth. Are you ready to consider your options for a dental crown in Boynton Beach? Contact us today to get started!