06 May 2022

Are you looking for a new dentist who can handle regular appointments and emergencies? It’s essential to take your time when choosing. While all the dentists in your area may be licensed and experienced, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they will give you excellent service.   

If you want to ensure that your new walk-in dental office in Boynton Beach is on your side, keep reading to learn some of the red flags to watch out for!   

1. They Don’t Request Dental Records  

When you’re attending your first appointment as a new patient, it’s important that your dentist asks for your old dental records. This is because reputable dentists understand that a large part of dentistry is tracking issues to see how they develop.   

Checking your old records also tells them whether you’ve had x-rays in the past six months. If you’ve had x-rays recently, they won’t want to expose you to more radiation exposure if there’s no benefit.   

2. They Advertise Excessively  

Although most dental offices in Boynton Beach these days will use a mixture of digital and print advertising to advertise their services to new people in the area, you shouldn’t notice excessive advertising, such as frequent deep discounts.   

This is a red flag that they have high patient turnover, meaning that there’s something that they’re doing that makes most patients unhappy.   

3. They Try to Upsell You  

No matter what reason you’re going to the dentist, it’s essential to remember that they’re medical providers—not salespeople. For this reason, you shouldn’t feel as if you’re being pressured to invest in crowns, caps, or other expensive cosmetic procedures 

Instead, your dentist should take the time to holistically consider your dental goals, past experiences, and budget to find treatments that are perfect for you.   

4. They Don’t Get to Know You  

Last but not least, you shouldn’t feel as if you’re just another number when you go to the dentist. Your dentist and hygienist should get to know you so that they’re aware of any dental anxieties, concerns, or issues you’ve had in your past and your future dental goals.   

Personable and compassionate dentists also make the time pass faster! You’ll feel relief knowing that they’re on your side and trying to help you feel as comfortable as possible during the appointment.   

Discover a Reputable Walk-In Dental Office in Boynton Beach  

When it comes to your dental health, don’t settle for a dental office that’s “okay.” Over time, you’ll be more reluctant to schedule and attend necessary appointments to keep your teeth healthy.  

Dentists who don’t care about their patients may also cause damage or trauma that’s expensive to take care of and makes you even more reluctant to see another dentist.   

Our patient-centered walk-in dental office in Boynton Beach is skilled, experienced, and focused on each patient’s overall health. Contact us today to schedule your first appointment!