04 May 2021
dentist modeling how to brush teeth

Bleeding and tender gums can be a sign of gum disease or oral infection. You may not be alarmed at the first sight of pink when you’re brushing, but don’t let gum disease go unchecked! Without treatment, gum disease can lead to major oral health problems and it can have an impact on your overall physical health. Gum disease is the most common disease among most adults, and it has shown to be connected to things like heart disease, diabetes, and even pregnancy. Our Boynton Beach emergency dentist has some helpful tips on how to recognize gum disease in the early stages and get it treated quickly so that you can maintain your healthy smile!

Don’t Ignore Blood When You Brush

Seeing slight pink when you brush is a clear indication of poor gum health. Slight bleeding is not always a cause for concern, but it can be a helpful clue about your daily dental hygiene habits. Gum disease in its early stages can often be treated by simply improving your dental hygiene routine. Make sure you are brushing twice per day with fluoride toothpaste and flossing every night before bed. Antibacterial mouthwash can also help fight bacteria and germs that contribute to oral health issues. If you still notice bleeding after improving your dental care routine, make sure you schedule a visit with our Boynton Beach emergency dentist. A dental cleaning may be necessary to thoroughly clean your smile.

Talk to Our Dentist About Changes in Your Medical History

Some changes in your physical health can contribute to the development and persistence of gum disease. Hormonal changes, chronic health conditions, and even some medications can increase your risk for developing gum disease. Other conditions that can increase your risk of gum disease include menopause, menstruation, and puberty. If you have recently started any medications or if you smoke or drink excessively, talk to our dentist about your risk for gum disease. Tobacco use, frequently drinking alcohol, and even a history of poor nutrition can all cause gum disease and dental decay. If you have questions about your specific level of risk, schedule a visit with our Boynton Beach emergency dentist.

Protect Your Smile for Life

Gum disease may not seem like a big deal in the short term, but it can seriously harm your smile in the long term if not treated. Gum disease can progress into loose teeth, major decay, tooth loss, and oral infection. Oral infections, like dental abscesses, can be life-threatening if not treated. Make sure you are protecting your smile from harm by preventing the spread of gum disease and practicing proper oral hygiene. Untreated, gum disease may cause you to require tooth extractions and restorative treatments in the future. Save your smile from serious and expensive repairs by stopping gum disease in its tracks.

Call our Boynton Beach emergency dentist to have your gums thoroughly examined and treated. Our team can help you battle gum disease and maintain your beautiful smile! You can reach our team by calling (561) 737-1223 today!