18 Oct 2019
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Bad breath is unappealing for many people, but it’s a sign that you’re not taking care of your teeth and gums. Also called halitosis, bad breath is a symptom of poor oral hygiene. There are several different factors that contribute to halitosis, but there are treatments available to alleviate these symptoms. Your Boynton Beach dental care has tips on treating bad breath. Learn more about the causes and treatments for halitosis and how to keep your smile minty fresh.

Causes of bad breath:

● Dry mouth, dehydration, excessive breathing through the mouth
● Bacterial infections, strep throat, tonsillitis
● Foods with strong odor or flavor, such as garlic
● Illness
● Digestive, stomach, or liver issues
● Tobacco use
● Poor dental hygiene
● Not brushing your tongue

How to Treat Bad Breath

There are steps to treat and prevent bad breath. Consistently taking good care of your teeth and gums helps your breath stay fresh. Brush your teeth every morning and night, as well as floss at least once a day. Following up with mouthwash also combats bad breath. In addition, don’t skip tongue scraping. Our tongues collect a white film of bacteria throughout the day that causes bad breath. Solve this is by gently brushing your tongue with a toothbrush or a tongue scraper. These scrapers are designed to rid the mouth of bacteria and improve your breath as well as your oral health.

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Watch What You Eat

The most common reason for bad breath is eating flavorful food or drinking something with a very strong taste. To treat this, rinse your mouth out after consuming anything that causes bad breath, such as garlic or sour beer. Keep sugar-free gum on hand; this cleans your teeth and promote saliva production. Increased saliva will wash away any leftover bacteria or food debris.

Stay Away from Tobacco

Avoiding tobacco products ensure your breath stays fresh. Smoking and chewing tobacco cause gum disease, which contributes to bad breath. Tobacco also creates its own smell that lingers long after the last cigarette. Smoking causes serious damage to your oral health and leads to oral cancer, as well as contributes to many other health issues. To avoid compromising your health and to keep your breath fresh, your Boynton Beach dental care specialists recommend that you avoid all tobacco products.

Halitosis Caused by Chronic Illness

Halitosis is a sign of kidney or liver damage, diabetes, or gastric reflux. If your bad breath persists even after treating it through conventional methods, it’s best to visit your doctor. Chronic respiratory disease causes persistent bad breath that’s treated by a doctor. If chronic illness is causing your halitosis, treating the illness is the best way to effectively cure your bad breath.

Your Boynton Beach dental care specialists are here to give you a healthy and fresh smile. If you suffer from bad breath, call our office to schedule your next dental cleaning. A proper cleaning helps your smile stay clean and healthy and prevents you from developing halitosis. Reach our team by calling Family Dental of Boynton Beach at (561) 737-1223 or by filling out an appointment request form directly on our website. We look forward to helping you have a happy and healthy smile!