01 Jul 2021
broken tooth

A broken tooth can be a danger to your oral health! Don’t ignore a chipped or broken tooth, call our office to have it checked out! Our teeth are strong, but they can easily break due to injury or even due to decay. If you have broken a tooth or if your tooth has been knocked out, contact our Boynton Beach dental clinic right away. Our dentist can help repair your tooth to help avoid further damage to your smile. Keep reading to learn more about what to do if you suddenly break a tooth.

Signs that you may be experiencing a dental emergency include:

-broken tooth with sharp edges
-facial injury
-facial swelling

If you have broken your tooth, it is important that you have it evaluated by our Boynton Beach dental clinic. Even if your tooth does not appear to have major damage, you could still be at risk for an oral health issue. A fracture or crack in your tooth could leave you vulnerable to infection. If bacteria reaches the core of your tooth or the gum line, it can lead to an infection that could impact your overall physical health. An infection that forms under the surface of the tooth is called an abscess. A dental access can be life-threatening if not treated properly, so it is important that you protect your smile. If you have a cracked tooth, make sure to have it evaluated and repaired by our Boynton Beach dental clinic.

A knocked out tooth can also be considered a dental emergency if it is not a clean break. If you have knocked out a tooth, pick it back up with a tissue or place it in milk. Do not pick up a tooth by the root, pick it up by the chewing surface. This will help to preserve the tooth so that it can possibly be reattached into your mouth. A natural tooth may be able to be repaired if you are able to get to our Boynton Beach dental clinic within 30 minutes of the tooth being knocked out. If you are unable to get to our office within 30 minutes, other restorative treatments may be recommended. You should always have your smile evaluated if you have broken or knocked out a tooth to make sure you are not at risk for a more serious oral health issue.

Protect your smile from unnecessary harm! If you’ll be playing high contact sports, wear a mouthguard whenever possible. You should also avoid using your teeth as a tool to open any containers, bottles, or bags. As always, we recommend following an excellent oral hygiene routine to keep your smile healthy and strong. Brush twice per day with fluoride toothpaste, floss every night, and visit our Boynton Beach dental clinic every six months for a professional cleaning.

Don’t ignore a broken tooth! Call our Boynton Beach dental clinic to have your smile evaluated. You can reach our office by calling (561) 737-1223 or by filling out a contact request form directly on our site.