05 Dec 2022

Are you feeling uncomfortable with your smile, or is it frequently painful when you chew? You may be experiencing some issues with tooth decay or gingivitis. Fortunately, you can start these healthy habits at any time, and they only take a few minutes out of your day and minimal spending.  

Keep reading to learn our top three dental hygiene in Boynton Beach tips to maintain beautiful, healthy teeth!  

Brush and Floss Regularly 

You already know this, but we can’t stress the importance of brushing and flossing enough–this is the foundation for healthy, beautiful teeth! Brushing and flossing removes plaque and food particles from your teeth, reducing the chances of tooth decay and gingivitis.  

If you drink wine or coffee frequently, brushing twice a day can also mitigate the stains that these beverages normally leave on your teeth while still being able to enjoy them.  

Schedule Regular Cleanings 

Even if you’re brushing and flossing regularly, it’s still important that you schedule a dental cleaning every six months. This is because dentists will be able to thoroughly clean your teeth and scrape off the tartar you weren’t able to remove on your own.  

They’ll also be able to check for any developing issues and oral cancer. Lastly, they’ll include a fluoride treatment and may even apply sealants to keep your teeth protected in between visits.  

Stop Smoking 

Last but not least, it’s time to consider quitting smoking. Not only is smoking terrible for your lungs, but the nicotine and tar found in cigarettes can turn your teeth yellow and cause your gums to disintegrate over time. 

These stains can be hard to remove without teeth whitening; worse, you become more prone to tooth decay and possibly tooth extractions if your teeth become too damaged.  

Start Practicing Good Dental Hygiene in Boynton Beach Today 

Focus on brushing and flossing your teeth and scheduling regular dental appointments. By doing these three things, you’ll find that the health and appearance of your teeth will vastly improve over time.  

If it’s hard for you to get into a regular habit, remember you can start slowly. For instance, work on flossing your teeth at least once a week and work up to once a day.  

Ready to schedule your twice-yearly cleaning with us? Contact us today to schedule an appointment!