14 May 2019
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Recovering from a dental implant procedure usually takes 5-7 days before the swelling and other symptoms will subside. But for some patients, it may take longer than a week. If you want to know why the recovery period varies, here are some factors that can prolong recovery time from getting dental implants Boynton Beach: 


Osseointegration is a process of structural and functional integration between implants and the jawbone. Each patient has a different recovery period for this. All dental implants Boynton Beach go through this process. If you want to recover fast, we suggest you avoid smoking and eat a healthy diet rich in vitamins C and A.

The Number of Implants You Get

The recovery period can depend on whether you get multiple implants, a single implant, or all-on-4 implants. The more implants needed the more surgery involved, thus, longer recovery time.

Bone Graft Procedure

If you lack ample bone mass to support regular dental implants then your dentist might suggest that you undergo a bone graft procedure. A strong jawbone is necessary to handle the pressure of daily eating, grinding, chewing, and more. The process involved in this procedure will add to your needed recovery time.

Sinus Lift

A sinus augmentation or lift is a surgery done to increase the bone in your upper jawbone, premolars, and molars. To do this, your dentist will maneuver the sinus membrane upward to fit the additional bone. If you’re required to undergo this procedure then you can expect your recovery time to lengthen.

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