31 Aug 2020
gum disease

Our gums keep our healthy teeth in place and protect our tooth roots from harmful bacteria. People who experience frequent gum disease may also experience severe gum recession, which leaves their smile vulnerable to infection. Extreme gum recession can even lead to tooth loss if it is not treated early on. However, there are some things that a person should consider before they undergo a gum grafting procedure. Our Boynton Beach oral surgery team can help you better understand gum grafts so that you can make the right decision for your smile.

A Routine Procedure

A gingival graft is a relatively simple procedure that can offer a quick recovery and great results for receded gums. However, this procedure may not be the right treatment for every smile. To understand if a gingival graft would benefit you, our team will need to understand the source of the gum recession. The process of getting a gum graft involves borrowing tissue from another area of the mouth, such as the soft palate. This tissue is then attached to the area that is lacking gum tissue. However, certain conditions may make this option ultimately unsuccessful, such as if the patient has a smoking habit.

Understanding the Root of the Issue

Our Boynton Beach oral surgery team will help you identify what exactly is causing your gum recession. Gum disease is a common cause for gum recession, and can lead to a wide range of oral health issues. A gum graft can not cure your gum disease, and you may experience gum recession again if the gum disease is not properly treated. If you brush too hard or abuse your gums with your toothbrush, a gum graft may not be beneficial in the future if this habit persists. If you are a frequent smoker, a gum graft may be more likely to become infected or rejected. Talk to our team about your lifestyle habits so that we can recommend the appropriate treatment for your smile. We want you to have the healthiest and most beautiful smile possible, so talk to us about your smile’s unique needs.

Pros vs Cons

The major benefits of a gum graft include strengthening your smile, repairing damage and preventing further recession, and it can even improve the appearance of your smile. However, it is still a procedure that comes with a small level of risk just like any Boynton Beach oral surgery. It is possible for a gum graft to fail or be rejected, as well as become infected. Gum grafting is a routine procedure that can quickly heal and protect your smile from further damage. Complications are rare but it is still important to understand the risks. If you notice swelling, oozing, or pus, it is possible that your gum graft may not have properly adapted to the surgical site.

A Necessary Treatment

If we recommend gum grafting for your smile, it should be considered an absolute necessity. Your gums help to keep your smile safe and secure, and extreme gum recession can lead to tooth loss and infection. Protect your gums to avoid more serious and more expensive dental treatments in the future. While understanding the risks are important, it is also important to understand the necessary benefits of gums grafting.