27 Dec 2022

When you’re experiencing a dental emergency, what do you need to do before you come into our office? Knowing the answer to this question will give you far greater peace of mind and help you feel more in control when an emergency strikes.  

Keep reading to learn about all you need to know to prepare for an emergency dentist in Boynton Beach! 

Use a Saltwater Rinse 

You must keep your mouth as clean as possible before you see your dentist in Boynton Beach so that you don’t contribute to an infection. The easiest way to do this is to use a salt rinse to keep the bacteria in your mouth at bay. You’ll also want to avoid drinks and food that could irritate the wound or infection, such as hot or cold drinks, sugary snacks, and more.  

Control the Bleeding 

Remember that excessive bleeding that could be life-threatening needs to be taken care of at an emergency room instead of your emergency dentist! However, if there is a small amount of bleeding due to a knocked-out tooth or other trauma, you can control it yourself by pressing gauze against the wound. Keep pressure until you see your emergency dentist.  

Bring a Family Member of Friend 

Lastly, we recommend having a family member or friend drive you to the dentist, as a patient in pain behind the wheel can be unsafe. Some emergency treatments may require oral surgery, so you’ll also want to have someone you know and trust drive you home.  

Of course, you can also arrange a cab or rideshare service–just stay away from the wheel! 

Discover a Quality Emergency Dentist in Boynton Beach  

Knowing what to do when an emergency occurs as well as who to go to, will save you time, stress, and trouble. When an emergency strikes, calling multiple dental offices to see if they’re open and can handle emergencies is not something you want to be doing!  

Ready to schedule an appointment with a reputable emergency dentist in Boynton Beach? Contact us today to get started!