03 Jun 2022

Removing your braces is a joyous day when you can finally see how your smile has transformed throughout the year. However, it can also be common to notice stains.  

Don’t let this common occurrence ruin your day–A variety of methods can easily remove most stains on your teeth that your dentist will discuss with you.   

With this in mind, keep reading to learn about the effectiveness of teeth whitening in Boynton Beach for braces stains!   

What Are the Causes of Braces Stains?   

Yellow or brown stains on your teeth after removing your braces are usually due to tooth decay or a buildup of external stains, such as from drinking coffee, wine, or smoking. Brown stains can also leave marks on your teeth over areas that used to be decayed and then remineralized.   

Tartar, a calcified plaque, can also leave yellow stains on your teeth and need to be professionally removed. No matter the reason, the stains on your teeth after taking your braces off are usually not permanent if you find the proper treatment for them.   

How Do You Remove Yellow or Brown Stains?   

Now that you have some idea of why areas of your teeth are yellow or brown, you may be wondering whether teeth whitening and other methods will help. The answer is yes, and here’s why:   

Dental Bleaching  

Dental bleaching, or teeth whitening, is one of the most effective yellow and stained teeth methods. This is because the strong bleaching agent used by dental offices paired with light activation can quickly lift stains away from the exterior of your teeth. As a result, you can typically see a difference with only one office visit.   


White spots on your teeth can’t be removed through dental bleaching alone. However, if you notice a lot of white spots on your teeth, they can sometimes be removed by gently buffing the white spot and the area around it.   

Cosmetic Bonding or Veneers  

If whitening or microabrasion isn’t the answer, the front of your tooth can be replaced by a thin, tooth-like shell of porcelain or resin. Made to look like your real teeth and just as vulnerable, dental bonding and veneers are often great choices when less impactful methods aren’t helpful.   

Consider Teeth Whitening in Boynton Beach Today  

If your teeth seem more yellow after you take your braces off, don’t stress. Most stains are easy to remove through teeth whitening. There are also methods to remove white spots or make them less noticeable.   

Of course, you must speak with your dentist so that they can go over all the options with you, and you can make an informed and educated decision.   

If you’re ready to schedule a consultation for teeth whitening in Boynton Beach, fill out our online form or call us at (561) 737-1223!