23 Aug 2018
Who is the best periodontist in Boynton Beach?

If your gums are sensitive, swollen, and/or bleeding, that would concern you, right? If not, it should. Prolonged symptoms like these are all possible signs of gum disease, also known as periodontal disease. And, it means it’s time to see our periodontist in Boynton Beach. Keep reading to learn more:

What is Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease is the chronic infection of the gums. This can be seen through swelling, bleeding, sensitivity, recession, and more. Over time, as periodontal disease progresses, more issues can occur. This can include loose teeth, tooth loss, and worsened overall health.

What Causes Periodontal Disease?

There is a multitude of reasons that could lead to periodontal disease. The main reason is that plaque and bacteria has built up on and around your teeth. This buildup causes inflammation and damage of the gums. Plaque and bacteria typically begins building up when there is a lack oral hygiene. This could mean at-home, as well as, not seeing a dentist. Smoking, a malocclusion – or bad bite, and genetics can also play a role in the development of periodontal disease.

Do I need to see a periodontist in Boynton Beach?

How to Treat Periodontal Disease

Treatment for periodontal disease varies depending on the severity of the case. Scaling and root planing, pocket reductions, gum grafting, and other forms of restorative dentistry may be suggested to resolve the issue. However, to determine the best plan of action, you must come in to see our experienced periodontist.

Are You Looking for a Periodontist in Boynton Beach?

Your gums play a huge role in your overall oral health! So, if you think it’s time to see a periodontist in Boynton Beach, do not hesitate to reach out. Contact our office at Family Dentistry of Boynton Beach to schedule your next appointment.