30 Sep 2020

It can be difficult to know that you need root canal therapy if you haven’t been to the dentist in a while. Typically, our team will be able to detect an oral health issue before it becomes more serious, but that can be tricky if you haven’t maintained regular cleanings. We recommend visiting our dentist every six months to minimize your risk of developing oral health issues. If you do suspect you may have something going on, call our office to schedule an appointment. Keep reading to learn more about some common signs that you may need Boynton Beach root canal therapy.

Pain can be an obvious sign of an underlying oral health issue, but that typically won’t occur until the problem has escalated to be more serious. Persistent pain warrants a visit to our office, so be sure to call as soon as you notice the persistent discomfort. This pain may be caused by an infection called a dental abscess, which can potentially be fatal if not treated immediately. Frequent pain in one area of the mouth is a clear sign of a dental health issue, so be sure to call our office to book the next available appointment.

Another common sign that you may need root canal treatment is if you have a chipped or cracked tooth. While surface damage is not always hazardous for your smile, you should still have your tooth checked out by a professional. Chipped, cracked, or fractured teeth can leave your oral health at risk because they can allow the core of your tooth to become infected. An infected tooth may need to be extracted, so don’t ignore a crack in the tooth. If you have suffered even minor cosmetic damage to your tooth, book an appointment to get it checked out just in case. We can make any necessary adjustments and make sure the core of your tooth is safe.

Extreme tooth sensitivity is another clear sign that you require treatment from a dentist. Severe sensitivity can be a symptom of infection in the tooth, and may be a red flag of an oral health issue. Pain when you eat something hot or cold is not normal, and it can be a clear sign that you may require Boynton Beach root canal treatment. This abnormal pain could be a sign of an infection, and it requires immediate attention from our dentist.

Swelling in the cheek or jaw is also a clear sign of infection. If your face seems swollen in one particular area, that tooth may require immediate Boynton Beach root canal therapy. Swollen gums are a symptom of an oral health issue underneath the surface. Swollen gums throughout the mouth could be due to inflammation, but localized tenderness could be an infection. Root canal therapy can help reduce this swelling and prevent further inflammation, so be sure to tell our team if you notice any swollen gums.

Root canal treatment can help to clear the pulp of your tooth and make room for a filling, which would save you from tooth loss. While this sounds invasive, it is actually a routine procedure. Getting a Boynton Beach root canal treatment is stress-free and efficient. We can help save your smile from future infection, so be sure to call our office to an appointment. A simple root canal treatment can save you from needing a more expensive and complicated treatment later on. Call our office today to schedule your consultation, and find out if your smile requires root canal therapy.