24 Feb 2020
tooth extraction boynton beach

Patients need a tooth extraction in Boynton Beach for a variety of reasons. Many tooth extractions are necessary to maintain the smile of a patient and to preserve their healthy teeth and gums.

If a tooth has been severely damaged by decay or by blunt-force injury, you’ll need it removed. A tooth fracture may warrant a tooth extraction if the fracture goes all the way to the gumline. If a crack in the tooth is minor, you may be able to seek out alternative restorative options.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

A common reason for a Boynton Beach tooth extraction is wisdom tooth removal. Wisdom teeth come in on an angle that causes trouble for your surrounding teeth. Wisdom teeth don’t always cause a person pain throughout their everyday life, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t a danger to your oral health. Typically, people have their wisdom teeth extracted when they enter young adulthood.

Wisdom teeth need to be removed under the following circumstances:

  • Risk of damage to other teeth
  • Risk of jaw damage or injury
  • Sinus pain
  • Cavities and swollen gums
  • Misalignment or crowding of the teeth

Aftercare for Boynton Beach Tooth Extraction

If you’ve just had a tooth extracted, be sure to discuss your individual aftercare needs. Generally, you’ll need to follow basic oral surgery aftercare instructions. Avoid any activity that might interrupt the healing process. Don’t smoke or rinse your mouth vigorously. Avoid drinking out of a straw for a day or two because it’ll create dry pockets. Follow a soft-food diet to avoid hurting the surgical site, and keep anything you eat away from the area.

Recovery Time

It takes about three to four days for the surgical site to heal after the tooth extraction. Swelling tends to subside at about day five and it’s safe to resume your normal diet. Some things affect the healing process after oral surgery, such as:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Whether or not you have ever had oral radiation treatment
  • Health background
  • Medications
  • Illness contributing to a weakened immune system

Every smile is unique, so tooth extraction experiences vary slightly among patients. Talk to our dentist about your specific health needs so that your tooth extraction process is as smooth as possible. Ask our team for more information about our tooth extraction in Boynton Beach!