12 Sep 2022

If you’re considering whether veneers are right for you, it’s vital that you know some of their main benefits.  

Keep reading for three facts about veneers in Boynton Beach that can help you make your decision!  

They Can Fix Many Issues 

Veneers can fix a wide range of minor issues with your teeth. These issues include lengthening short teeth, covering cracks and chips, covering gaps, protecting enamel, improving the shape of teeth, and more.  

However, it’s essential to keep in mind that your dentist will most likely recommend other procedures before veneers are an option for more severe dental issues.  

They Look Natural 

One of the main benefits of veneers is that they’re customized to look and feel just like natural teeth. Made from either porcelain or composite resin, both materials make it hard to differentiate between the veneers and your natural teeth

This means you can enjoy a beautiful smile in less time than it takes for straightening with traditional orthodontia  

They Don’t Require Additional Care 

Lastly, veneers are an attractive option because they don’t require any additional care. You’ll just want to ensure you’re brushing and flossing your teeth every day, drinking water, and not suffering from dry mouth. 

Depending on how well you keep your teeth clean and the pressure and materials they’re exposed to, veneers can last for as long as 20 years. Porcelain veneers are known to last longer than composite resin.  

Schedule an Appointment for Veneers in Boynton Beach Today 

If you’re interested in veneers, your first step is to contact your dentist for a consultation. We’ll determine whether you’re a good candidate based on your goals for your smile. We’ll also consider your dental health history and the current state of your teeth, gums, and bite.  

We’ll then go over what to expect during the procedure. You won’t have to worry about your veneers breaking because we’ll also give tips on how to make them last!

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