07 Feb 2023

Dentists always recommend brushing and flossing every day because there are painful consequences if you consistently avoid this important, healthy habit. One of the issues that you may face from poor dental hygiene is gum disease, a painful and uncomfortable disease that can eventually lead to missing teeth. Fortunately, there are professionals here to help.  

Keep reading to learn about whether you need a periodontist in Boynton Beach and what they do for you!  

What is a Periodontist?  

Periodontists are dental specialists who treat, diagnose, and prevent periodontal disease. Years of extra training make them uniquely qualified to diagnose and treat this common disease through up-to-date methods and technological innovations. They’re also able to provide cosmetic solutions to those whose teeth have been affected by periodontal disease, including placing dental implants.  

Periodontists provide treatment such as scaling, root planning, and root surface debridement.  

Do You Need a Periodontist?  

A sign that you could be affected by periodontal disease is when your gums are swollen, inflamed, and bleeding frequently. If your teeth feel loose, this could be a sign that you have periodontitis that is becoming worse over time, and you may have gum disease. These are all good reasons to see a periodontist, and your general dentist can give further guidance on whether they recommend you to see one.  

Learn More About Our Periodontist in Boynton Beach 

Are you experiencing bleeding gums that are inflamed and uncomfortable? Do you have frequently bad breath and teeth that feel loose? These could be all signs of early gum disease. Don’t wait – a periodontist can diagnose you and help provide treatment and prevention options so that your condition doesn’t worsen.  

If you’re ready to learn more about a periodontist in Boynton Beach for you, contact us today! We’ll provide the relief you need for a sparkling and beautiful smile.